• Jane 6 Years Ago

    HHIS I should have thhguot of that!

  • Anthony 6 Years Ago

    I really feel that phtpanihroly has a bright future, but that right now, it's quite alienated from the communities it hopes to serve, and often only reinforces its own existence, and the existence of its anointed grantees. Foundations are out of touch with the streets and the communities they serve, because they are caught up in the glamour of the executive class. Their efforts at due diligence create a culture of arrogance and disregard, often drastically limiting their impacts in the communities they serve by virtue of failing to recognize true leadership and innovation in those communities.Until that changes, a good deal of it is going to remain the realm of entitled foundation workers with six-figure salaries and full benefits packages saying "no" to important programs and projects that they just don't understand.