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This alphabetical listing provides the names, locations and year of establishment for the 1,876 community foundations that have been identified to date. Use the filters to see the names of all the foundations in a geographic region or country of particular interest. Click on the column headlines to sort results, and click on the organization’s name to see its profile page.
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Ahmedabad Community FoundationTo promote environmental protection, education and philanthropy insight within India
Akuapem Community FoundationTo marshal resources to build an endowment fund for grantmaking, execution of our programs and covering operational costs. The foundation also aims to offer leadership and coordination of efforts where...
Altona Community FoundationTo promote community recreation facilities, youth groups, education and libraries in Manitoba, Canada
Anaheim Community FoundationTo encourage community participation, partnerships and collaboration that result in successful responses to community challenges and opportunities; strengthen community-based organizations that effectively address community needs, promote volunteerism and provide community...
Angarsk Community Foundation“New Angarsk”: Support and encourage public and private initiatives aimed at addressing issues of public importance and local development; promote the establishment and development of philanthropy in Angarsk
Arkhangelsk Community Foundation “Garant”To promote social stability in the region by coordinating the efforts of various organizations, introducing innovative approaches to solving community problems, and creating favorable conditions for the development of nonprofit...
Arlington Community FoundationTo actively promote, protect and improve the quality of life for those who live or work in Arlington, providing philanthropic leadership and raising capital for grants and scholarships to address...
Athens Area Community FoundationTo promote and facilitate strategic philanthropy by connecting donors with what they care about through charitable giving and by serving as a well-informed and effective grantmaker to meet needs and...
Austin Community FoundationThe Austin Community Foundation promotes philanthropy in Central Texas to improve the quality of life for all, for today and for the future.
Avila Beach Community FoundationTo promote the enhancement and betterment of the Avila Beach, California, community
Bacau Community FoundationTo link community needs with resources within organizations, initiative groups, individuals or companies and create a strong mechanism to move the community forward; to support community initiatives and foster active...
Battle Creek Community FoundationTo promote giving, build endowment and provide leadership to improve quality of life. Grantmaking for programming in the Battle Creek, Michigan, area serves the citizens of the community through education,...
Bensberger BürgerstiftungTo encourage citizen participation through donations and to promote positive social development projects
Berks County Community FoundationTo promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life for the residents of Berks County, Pennsylvania
Berrien Community FoundationTo promote philanthropy, to build a spirit of community, and to enhance the quality of life in Berrien County through stewardship of permanently endowed and other funds. The foundation shall...
Black Belt Community FoundationTo promote community development in the Black Belt region of Alabama
Blue Mountain Community FoundationTo promote effective philanthropy by fostering private charitable giving, providing management of funds, and financially supporting students and charitable organizations to improve the quality of life in the community
Blue River Community FoundationTo serve and assist charitable endeavors in Shelby County, Indiana, and to promote leadership to address community issues
Bombay Community Public TrustTo promote education, health care, environmental protection and community development within India
Bornheimer BürgerstiftungTo support projects for youth and social welfare and promote the responsibility of citizens and businesses to shape their communities
Bradford West Gwillimbury and District Community FoundationTo promote a wide variety of interests including arts and culture, health, education, sports and recreation, social services and the environment in Ontario, Canada
Braj Mewat FoundationTo promote historical activities and culture within India
Branford Community FoundationTo preserve and promote the improvement of the quality of life in the Branford community for the benefit of all its inhabitants, and to preserve and promote the improvement and...
Brookline Community FoundationTo promote a strong, engaged and inclusive community
Bürgerstiftung AGORATo promote and support measures for the integration of immigrants, as well as education in science, arts and culture
Bürgerstiftung ArnsbergTo promote social and cultural issues that improve the quality of life in the city and the Arnsberg region
Bürgerstiftung AschebergTo promote education, arts and culture, sports, health care, nature conservation, environmental protection, youth work, care of the elderly, local history and historic preservation
Bürgerstiftung Bad Aibling und MangfalltalTo promote and strengthen the sense of community and commitment of the citizens of the town of Bad Aibling and the Mangfalltal region
Bürgerstiftung Bad DürrheimTo promote the general welfare in the areas of education, the arts, conservation, youth and the elderly
Bürgerstiftung Bad EmsTo promote volunteer work and initiate community projects and initiatives in city history, science and research, education, sports, arts and culture, international understanding, environmental, animal and nature protection, land management...
Bürgerstiftung Bad HonnefTo support the social sciences, science, culture, sport, environment and conservation, and to promote charitable volunteer work
Bürgerstiftung Berchtesgadener LandTo promote and support nonprofit or charitable institutions and their projects in Berchtesgaden. The foundation brings together under the theme of “Achieving More Together” the financial commitment of citizens and...
Bürgerstiftung BurgriedenTo promote local projects in the fields of youth, culture, education and social issues, in coordination with area churches, municipalities, associations and other groups
Bürgerstiftung EssingenTo promote or evaluate education, science and research, support for youth and seniors, arts and culture, public health, sports, environment, and nature and land conservation in the Essingen community
Bürgerstiftung für Bergisch GladbachTo promote the social engagement and sense of community of the people of Bergisch Gladbach
Bürgerstiftung für ChemnitzTo promote active citizenship and involvement
Bürgerstiftung für die Region MosbachTo promote social, charitable, cultural, educational and other worthy projects
Bürgerstiftung für die Stadt und den Landkreis KasselTo promote youth, sports, social and cultural needs, and protection of nature and the environment
Bürgerstiftung GemptTo promote art and culture, education and sport, youth work and traditional customs
Bürgerstiftung Hellweg RegionTo promote charitable projects and encourge civic engagement in the areas of science and research, education and training, arts and culture, environment and territory, and youth and child care
Bürgerstiftung HemmingenTo promote and thereby increase the quality of life in the city of Hemmingen by supporting a wide variety charitable activities
Bürgerstiftung Herdwangen-SchönachTo promote activities and charitable projects that serve to help those in need, bolster international understanding and integrate marginalized groups in the area
Bürgerstiftung IsernhagenTo promote and support charitable projects and activities in Isernhagen intended to help the needy and marginalized groups
Bürgerstiftung KölnTo promote good projects for the citizens of Cologne
Bürgerstiftung KressbronnTo promote quality of life for the citizens of Kressbronn through project development and support of nonprofit institutions
Bürgerstiftung MudauTo promote each benefactor’s particular goals
Bürgerstiftung MutterstadtTo offer everyone-individuals, associations, institutions and companies-the opportunity to participate in and promote the common good permanently and effectively
Bürgerstiftung NottulnTo promote projects in the fields of nonformal education, culture, children and young people, integration of people with disabilities, nature and environment, home and preservation, international understanding and development aid
Bürgerstiftung Nürtingen und UmgebungTo promote social projects that are in the interest of the region and its citizens
Bürgerstiftung OvelgönneTo promote social responsibility, civic engagement and solidarity
Bürgerstiftung OverathTo promote education, arts and culture, sport, international understanding and youth and elder care
Bürgerstiftung Pforzheim-EnzTo promote civic responsibility in the following areas: arts and culture, historic preservation, education, sport, international understanding, nature and land conservation, disaster relief, civil defense and animal welfare
Bürgerstiftung PfullendorfTo promote charitable projects in Pfullendorf in the areas of youth, education, health and sports, seniors, arts and culture, and the environment
Bürgerstiftung PlüderhausenTo promote social projects and encourage citizen participation to strengthen the community
Bürgerstiftung RastattTo promote and develop youth and elder care, education, environment and conservation, international understanding, arts and culture, and other charitable purposes
Bürgerstiftung Region LahrTo promote the general welfare of people living in the Lahr region
Bürgerstiftung Region LauenburgTo improve quality of life for seniors and the disabled and to promote art, youth sports and religion
Bürgerstiftung Region NeumarktTo offer everyone-individuals, associations, institutions and companies-the opportunity to participate in and promote the common good permanently and effectively
Bürgerstiftung RheinstettenTo promote education, arts and culture, and the environment and to provide support for youth, the elderly, families and people with disabilities
Bürgerstiftung Rielasingen-WorblingenTo promote projects in the areas of education, family, youth and seniors, social issues, health and sport, arts and culture, home and preservation, nature and the environment, international understanding, charitable...
Bürgerstiftung RosdorfTo promote projects in the areas of education, family, youth and seniors, social issues, health and sport, arts and culture, home and preservation, nature and the environment, international understanding, charitable...
Bürgerstiftung Rosenheimer LandTo promote projects in the areas of education, family, youth and seniors, social issues, health and sport, arts and culture, home and preservation, nature and the environment, international understanding, charitable...
Bürgerstiftung RottweilTo set an example by following the motto “Common Sense Begins with Me,” where the voluntary commitment of each individual or group is promoted as self-help
Bürgerstiftung SalzgitterTo promote and initiate community projects in the areas of education, youth, culture, social affairs, sports and the environment
Bürgerstiftung Salzland-Region SchönebeckTo promote projects in the areas of education, family, youth and seniors, social issues, health and sport, arts and culture, home and preservation, nature and the environment, international understanding, democratic...
Bürgerstiftung SchorndorfTo support civic engagement and promote projects in the areas of education, protection of marriage, family, youth and seniors, health and sport, home care, arts and culture, and nature and...
Bürgerstiftung SeelscheidTo offer everyone-individuals, associations, institutions and companies-the opportunity to participate in and promote the common good permanently and effectively
Bürgerstiftung SeelzeTo promote and support sustainable, future-oriented projects in the areas of education, arts and culture, health and social care, and environmental and nature protection
Bürgerstiftung St. GeorgenTo promote a sustainable community for the good of all citizens
Bürgerstiftung Traunsteiner LandTo promote and support nonprofit or charitable institutions and their projects in the district of Traunstein
Bürgerstiftung VredenTo promote charitable projects in the areas of education, religion, youth, families and the elderly, culture, arts and heritage, environment, traditional customs, health, sports and recreation, and the whole community
Bürgerstiftung Weil am RheinTo promote current charitable projects
Bürgerstiftung WeimarTo promote civic engagement among the people of Weimar for the betterment of their city and fellow citizens
Bürgerstiftung WinnendenTo promote social projects that are in the interest of the city of Winnenden and its citizens in order to strengthen the sense of community and shared responsibility
Bürgerstiftung Würzburg und UmgebungTo promote civic engagement, especially in the areas of education, arts and culture, nature, environmental and heritage protection, youth and the elderly, and public health and welfare
Cambridge Community FoundationTo promote the mental, moral and physical welfare of the inhabitants of Cambridge, Massachusetts (or elsewhere, if specified by the donor), through grants to community agencies, generally for: social services-child...
Carberry and Area Community FoundationTo promote development in the areas of agriculture, arts, culture, education, environment, health, heritage, recreation and sports within Carberry, Canada
Cardinia Community FoundationTo promote charitable giving for projects in Pakenham, Australia
Carleton North Community FoundationTo promote community development within Canada’s Carleton North area, with preference to programs involving arts and culture, education, economic development, recreation, health care and the environment
Cass County Community FoundationTo honor the spirit of giving and assist donors in building enduring sources of charitable assets to promote education, enhance humanity and advance community development throughout Cass County.
Central Carolina Community FoundationTo promote, facilitate and expand philanthropy to create a sustainable impact within the community through giving
Central Montcalm Community FoundationTo promote, encourage, aid and supplement funds for educational and community-oriented projects in the Central Montcalm area (defined as those townships wholly or partly served by the Central Montcalm School...
Community Foundation AllianceTo provide leadership and support for member community foundations as they promote philanthropy and build endowments to serve their communities
Community Foundation for CalderdaleTo promote philanthropy, attract donations and funding and redistribute to individuals and voluntary/charitable organizations to tackle poverty and disadvantage and generally improve the quality of life for the people of...
Community Foundation for Northeast GeorgiaTo promote philanthropy and charitable giving
Community Foundation for the Central Savannah River AreaTo encourage and promote philanthropy through education, responsible management of charitable contributions and the distribution of these funds, and to provide the structure for this to be accomplished by individuals,...
Community Foundation for Tumut RegionTo promote community development within the Tumut region in Australia
Community Foundation of AbileneTo provide charitable endowments to promote local philanthropy, and to address local challenges and opportunities
Community Foundation of Chattahoochee ValleyWe enable and promote philanthropy that inspires, facilitates and fosters a vibrant and engaged Chattahoochee Valley.
Community Foundation of Chaves CountyTo support and promote the well-being of the community and nurture its continuing viability through charitable giving
Community Foundation of DeKalb CountyTo promote community philanthropy by offering local citizens the opportunity to leave a charitable legacy that will sustain and improve life in DeKalb County
Community Foundation of East MississippiTo establish permanent charitable endowments; promote philanthropy throughout East Mississippi; provide a vehicle for donors’ charitable interests; and provide leadership and resources in addressing ever-changing challenges and opportunities
Community Foundation of Greater Fort WayneTo encourage requests that are developed in consultation with other agencies and planning groups, increase coordination and cooperation among agencies, and reduce unnecessary duplication of services. Preference is given to...
Community Foundation of Jackson CountyTo promote philanthropy in Jackson County. The foundation is a community-focused organization dedicated to: building visionary partnerships with donors and local service organizations; trustworthy stewardship of gifts; providing funds to...
Community Foundation of Kankakee River ValleyTo promote visionary philanthropy to create and support vital and caring communities; build and preserve funds of many individuals and institutions; distribute to nonprofit organizations that serve members of the...
Community Foundation of New JerseyTo promote and champion the betterment of New Jersey and the quality of life for its citizens by helping donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals
Community Foundation of Newfoundland and LabradorTo promote and sustain healthy communities across our province by providing grant funding to a wide range of community organizations. We combine our broad, province-wide reach with a grassroots focus...
Community Foundation of North Central FloridaTo promote and sustain philanthropy among the communities of North Central Florida
Community Foundation of North TexasThe foundation provides stewardship for many individual charitable funds. With its specialized services, the foundation gives donors efficient charitable fund administration. Support for community development, social services, education, youth, health,...
Community Foundation of South GeorgiaTo be a catalyst for the establishment of charitable funds which benefit the community for generations to come; serve the varied interests and needs of donors; promote local philanthropy; serve...
Community Foundation of the VirginiasTo promote and support the betterment of the greater Bluefield area and surrounding communities by receiving financial contributions, providing responsible management for a growing endowment, and distributing grants to effective...
Community Foundation of Warren CountyTo promote the well-being of local inhabitants. The use of the bulk of funds has been designated by the donors, with distributions for child welfare, church building maintenance, community funds,...
Community Foundation Santa Cruz CountyTo promote local philanthropy in Santa Cruz County, California, through grants and resources for nonprofits, donors and their professional advisors
Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld CountyTo promote philanthropy to build resources, develop partnerships and provide leadership that will be of lasting benefit to our communities
Coral Gables Community FoundationTo promote programs and initiatives that enhance the quality of life for people living and working in Coral Gables, Florida
Corporativa de FundacionesTo promote institutional strengthening of the civil society organizations engaged in community well-being, acting together with individuals, businesses and committed public and private agencies and so contributing to the community’s...
Corte Madera Community FoundationTo promote events, facilities, programs and services that build community spirit and enhance Corte Madera’s small-town character
CpF-Centrum pre filantropiuTo promote philanthropy and civil society
Davie Community FoundationTo promote the well-being of the people of Davie County. The foundation is operated exclusively for civic, educational, cultural, religious and charitable purposes.
Del Mar FoundationTo promote civic pride and cohesiveness, acquire and preserve open space, improve beaches and parkland, raise and grant funds, and sponsor diverse cultural programs and community events in Del Mar,...
Denison Community FoundationTo promote growth in Texoma
Derbyshire Community FoundationTo support or promote any charitable purposes for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education (including training for employment or work), the advancement of religion or any other exclusively...
Dongjak Welfare FoundationTo promote community development within South Korea
Douglas County Community FoundationTo promote the highest quality of community life by developing philanthropic resources to meet the needs of the Douglas County community. The foundation serves as a responsible steward for permanent...
Duluth Superior Area Community FoundationThe Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation promotes private giving for the public good.
East London Community FoundationTo help the economically disadvantaged and promote community development by supporting grassroots organizations across East and Northeast London, England
El Paso Community FoundationTo establish permanent charitable endowments; to provide a vehicle for donors’ varied interests; to promote local philanthropy; to provide leadership and resources in addressing local challenges and opportunities. El Paso...
Essex County Community FoundationTo promote philanthropy and strengthen nonprofits for Essex County and the world beyond
Fairfield County Community FoundationTo promote the growth of philanthropy by helping donors achieve their philanthropic goals. The foundation serves as a leader, catalyst and resource for philanthropy; creates and manages charitable funds; and...
Family and Friends Community FoundationTo provide annual grants to charitable causes to promote the vitality and the well-being of the Saskatchewan community in Canada
Fondation communautaire du Grand QuébecTo promote philanthropy through the creation of endowment funds and grants to our community, today and forever
Fondation communautaire Gaspesie-Les IlesTo promote the development of philanthropy and participate in activities of fund formation and subsidy for the entire community of Gaspe or the Magdalena Islands, Canada, especially for young people
Fondazione Di Comunità Di Messina OnlusThe Messina Community Foundation was launched in 2010 to promote human development in Messina, a city in Southern Italy, which has been caught in the poverty threshold trap for years....
Fondo Acción SolidariaTo support Mexican grassroots organizations that work on socio-environmental projects that promote and build sustainable development in their communities
Fondo CórdobaTo promote education, philanthropy, volunteering and health care within Mexico
Fondo Región ColoniaTo mobilize and manage resources efficiently in order to promote social participation in strengthening development projects and organizations in Cologne and the region
Forever Manchester - Community Foundation for Greater ManchesterTo promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of the community in the county of Greater Manchester, in particular the advancement of education; the protection of good health both mental...
Foundation for MetroWestTo connect philanthropic opportunity with demonstrated need in Metrowest. The foundation promotes philanthropy in the region, helps donors maximize the impact of their local giving, serves as a resource for...
Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society DevelopmentTo promote community development and active citizenship by providing financial support, information, consulting and development of cross-sectoral cooperation and other forms of support to civil society organizations
Foundation for Social Transformation: Enabling North East IndiaTo invest in, support and promote the region’s abundant human, natural, cultural and creative resources; to enable communities of the region to be owners of development processes; to promote and...
Foundation for the Mid SouthTo invest in people and strategies that build philanthropy and promote racial, social and economic equity in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Priority areas include health and wellness, education, wealth building...
Franklin County Community FoundationTo build permanent partnerships in giving that effectively connect donors and community projects to promote an enriched future for all citizens of Franklin County, Indiana
Fredericton Community FoundationTo promote community development within Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada, with particular emphasis on education, the disadvantaged, culture and science research
Fundació Ciutat de VallsTo promote initiatives to boost awareness and development of culture, art, local history, technology, conservation of artistic heritage, monuments and natural resources in relationship to the District Alt Camp in...
Fundació Civica Oreneta del VallèsTo improve our community by identifying and implementing actions to improve the lives of older people, to fight against school failure and the digital divide, to facilitate the integration of...
Fundación Ciudad de SigüenzaTo promote the culture and historical and natural heritage of the town of Siguenza and its environment
Fundación Comunitaria CozumelTo contribute to social causes that promote development and improve quality of life for the community of Cozumel, Mexico
Fundación Comunitaria de la Frontera NorteTo promote the improvement of Ciudad Juárez through combined efforts and philanthropic resources
Fundación Comunitaria del BajíoTo encourage and promote local development with the participation of civil society, linking the various sectors and mobilizing resources for social welfare
Fundación Comunitaria MalinalcoTo promote business within Estado de Mexico
Fundación Comunitaria OaxacaTo promote social participation in and out of Oaxaca to improve the welfare and quality of life of vulnerable population groups and those marginalized in the Oaxacan community, through initiatives...
Fundación Comunitaria Puebla IBPTo promote citizen engagement through guaranteed transparency in the procurement and professional distribution of philanthropic funding, resulting in the sustainable development of our community
Fundación Comunitaria QuerétaroTo strengthen social actors, construct alliances and mobilize resources to promote and follow up sustainable local development processes
Fundación del Empresariado en MéxicoTo promote education, the environment, and community and economic development within Mexico
Fundación del Empresariado YucatecoStrengthen the organized civil society and the social responsibility of the business sector in the State of Yucatan to promote integral community development and violence and crime prevention through establishing...
Fundación LeónTo contribute to the achievement of a better Leon, supporting the civil society initiatives that promote the holistic development of the community
Fundación MaimonaTo promote comprehensive and innovative local development of Maimona as well as innovation, enterprise and social entrepreneurship, information society, research and development, new technologies and innovative philanthropy
Fundación Merced QuerétaroTo generate capital with ethical values, and to promote the strengthening and impact of civil society and the integral development of individuals and communities to tackle the structural causes of...
Fundación Social del Empresariado JaliscienseTo promote education, health and sustainable human development for vulnerable populations, and contribute to social equity in Jalisco