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This alphabetical listing provides the names, locations and year of establishment for the 1,876 community foundations that have been identified to date. Use the filters to see the names of all the foundations in a geographic region or country of particular interest. Click on the column headlines to sort results, and click on the organization’s name to see its profile page.
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OrganizationCountryCityState / RegionFounded
OrganizationCountryCityState / RegionFounded
Chaykovskiy Community FoundationRussiaChaykovskiyPermsky Krai1999
Gubaha Foundation “Forward, Time!”RussiaGubahaPermsky Krai
Krasnokamsk Community Foundation “Territory of Success”RussiaKrasnokamskPermsky Krai2009
Kueda FoundationRussiaKuedaPermsky Krai2006
Perm Community Foundation RussiaPermPermsky Krai2009
Social Initiatives Support Fund “Sodeistvie”RussiaPermPermsky Krai2005
Usolye FoundationRussiaUsolyePermsky Krai